Nvidia Surpasses Apple in Market Value Amid AI Boom

  • Erick Boateng
  • Jun 13, 2024
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Nvidia Surpasses Apple in Market Value Amid AI Boom

Nvidia has achieved a significant milestone, surpassing Apple in market value due to the burgeoning AI industry. This achievement places Nvidia just behind Microsoft, solidifying its position as the second-largest public company in the U.S. The skyrocketing demand for Nvidia’s state-of-the-art AI technology has amplified its market cap and underpins its rapid progress in recent years.

Despite recent price hikes for Nvidia products in China, with partners like Asus and GALAX increasing prices by up to 10% on GeForce RTX GPUs, Nvidia's innovative technology continues to fuel its market growth. The company’s groundbreaking advances, reported earnings of $26 billion in the first quarter, more than tripling its revenue from the previous year, marking sustained high demand.

According to CNBC, Nvidia's shares closed at a historic high of $1,224.40, and the company's market cap exceeded $3 trillion for the first time. This dramatic growth follows an impressive 3,224% increase in stock value over five years. Nvidia plays a crucial role in AI development, supplying GPUs essential for large AI models to tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, and OpenAI.

Further emphasizing Nvidia’s growth, the company reported a 769% increase in annual profit earlier this year, shifting its revenue priority from gaming to data centers. Gaming now constitutes only 12% of total earnings, reflecting a strategic pivot towards AI technology. Nvidia's focus on AI has significantly bolstered investor confidence and its market value, reinforcing its dominance in the tech industry.

Looking forward, Nvidia is set to bolster its AI ambitions through potential collaborations with industry giants like Dell. At the recent Dell World Conference, CEOs of Dell and Nvidia hinted at AI-powered PCs expected to launch in 2025. This partnership, along with ongoing work on ARM-based chips with MediaTek, suggests a future dominated by AI in personal computing, further solidifying Nvidia’s market leadership.

Nvidia's innovation extends beyond hardware; the company recently introduced Project G-Assist, an AI tool providing real-time game tips and performance tweaks. The success of their advanced GPUs and AI solutions is driving exponential growth. As Nvidia continues to evolve, exploring new collaborations and expanding its AI capabilities, it remains a pivotal player in the future of artificial intelligence.

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