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Sienna Patterson - Founder & CEO

Sienna Patterson has been at the forefront of Shaiya-TR since its inception. Sienna combines a discerning eye for quality with a deep passion for digital media, underpinned by her extensive experience in both gaming and app development. She founded Shaiya-TR to create a credible and friendly space for reviews and news in an ever-growing market. Outside the office, Sienna enjoys VR gaming and participating in eSports tournaments.

Markus Nguyen - Assistant Manager

Markus Nguyen is the engine that keeps Shaiya-TR running smoothly. As the assistant manager, Markus not only supports Sienna in her leadership role but also oversees the team of talented writers. His experience in content management and lead generation helps in continuously bring fresh ideas to the table. Markus is a retro gaming fan and loves to collect vintage consoles and cartridges in his spare time.

Anna Santiago - Senior Author

Anna Santiago joined Shaiya-TR with a robust portfolio of articles focusing on emerging mobile apps and indie games. With a degree in computer science, Anna brings a technical edge to her captivating writing style. She is an avid traveler and often combines her love for exploration with reviews of location-based apps and games.

Erick Boateng - Contributing Author

Erick Boateng is known for his engaging reviews on mainstream and AAA games. He has been gaming since childhood and turned his passion into a career by joining the Shaiya-TR team. His background in journalism ensures that his articles are both informative and compelling. Erick enjoys strategy games and participates in local gaming meetups, sharing his passion with fellow gamers.

Samuel Jordan - Contributing Author

Samuel Jordan is the newest addition to the Shaiya-TR family. With a background in multimedia and digital arts, Samuel brings a creative flair to his content. He specializes in How-to guides and in-depth technical articles, making even the most complicated apps accessible to our readers. Samuel is also a talented musician and enjoys composing video game soundtracks in his downtime.

Last Words

At Shaiya-TR, our mission is to deliver top-tier news, reviews, and guides focused on games and applications. Our team of passionate professionals works tirelessly to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information to elevate your digital experiences. We appreciate your support and are excited to continue serving you as a valued member of our community.