Genshin Impact's Major Domain Overhaul in Mondstadt and Liyue

  • Anna Santiago
  • Jun 12, 2024
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Genshin Impact's Major Domain Overhaul in Mondstadt and Liyue

HoYoverse has announced significant changes to the Domains in Mondstadt and Liyue with the upcoming Version 4.8. These changes are poised to make it easier for players to acquire talent books, weapon materials, and Artifact Sets. This move addresses long-standing contrasts between the older Domains of Mondstadt and Liyue and their newer counterparts, thereby streamlining the gameplay experience for both new and veteran players.

The early Domains in Genshin Impact were designed with a philosophy that demanded highly specialized teams for successful completion. Bennett remains a prime example of a 4-Star character whose effectiveness stemmed from this older design methodology. Players often faced penalties rather than rewards, especially in Mondstadt's talent and weapon Domains. Over time, players have voiced their frustrations about the prohibitive nature of these early Domains, sparking the need for change.

According to recent leaks by HomDGCat, HoYoverse plans to nerf most of Mondstadt and Liyue’s Domains in Version 4.8, save for Midsummer Courtyard and Taishan Mansion. Specific debuffs like Engulfing Storm and Condensed Ice will be removed, and enemy setups will be simplified. For instance, the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern Domain, which earlier housed three Abyss Mages, will now feature a single Ruin Guard, significantly easing the challenge level.

These adjustments are particularly interesting in the context of Genshin Impact’s evolving landscape. With debuffs removed and enemy line-ups simplified several Domains are given damage bonuses to certain elements. Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern, for instance, now offers a 75% Geo damage bonus. This encourages diverse team compositions and allows players to tackle these Domains without the stress of highly punitive mechanisms.

For Genshin Impact's player base, these changes are widely seen as a positive step towards enhancing the quality of life within the game. The timing of these adjustments also hints at possible new character releases from Mondstadt. Historically, Mondstadt has lagged behind other regions in character diversity. Speculations abound about the introduction of more characters, including the region's first Dendro character, as a potential response to these changes.

Overall, the overhaul of these Domains is a welcomed improvement for many players. With the anticipated arrival of Natlan and possible new combat mechanics, the easier Mondstadt and Liyue Domains will be beneficial. As rumors swirl about an increased level cap, these streamlined Domains will provide invaluable resources, aiding players in their progression. This shift by HoYoverse could mark a new era of accessibility and player-friendly adjustments in Genshin Impact.

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