Bloodborne Fans Divided Over Astro Bot’s Yharnam Hunter Bonus

  • Samuel Jordan
  • Jun 13, 2024
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Bloodborne Fans Divided Over Astro Bot’s Yharnam Hunter Bonus

The announcement of an Astro Bot pre-order bonus costume inspired by Bloodborne’s Yharnam Hunter has irked some fans. Bloodborne, a cherished PlayStation 4 exclusive released in 2015 by FromSoftware, has maintained a dedicated fanbase hungry for a sequel or PS5 remake. Despite its critical acclaim, developer Hidetaka Miyazaki has stayed mum on any new developments for the series, leaving fans in suspense.

Sony's introduction of Astro Bot, an upcoming game filled with nods to various Sony franchises, stirred mixed feelings when it initially omitted any direct reference to Bloodborne. The Digital Deluxe Edition of Astro Bot, however, includes an outfit inspired by the grim hunter, causing a stir among the community. While some players interpret this as a hopeful sign, others view it as a dismissive gesture from Sony.

Reactions to this announcement have been polarized. On social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit, users have expressed both optimism and frustration. Some speculate this pre-order bonus might be a subtle hint at future Bloodborne content, while others feel it’s a slap in the face, especially considering remasters of other Sony titles, such as The Last of Us.

Astro Bot, a follow-up to the popular 2020 game Astro’s Playroom, celebrates various PlayStation franchises. Its trailer bursts with Easter eggs and characters from Sony's gaming library, including Kratos from God of War and Nathan Drake from Uncharted. The Digital Deluxe Edition entices players with numerous outfits and in-game items dedicated to these beloved characters.

For many fans, the lack of substantial Bloodborne updates over nearly a decade has been disheartening. The inclusion of a mere costume in Astro Bot feels insufficient, given their long-standing hopes for more. While Bloodborne aficionados wait for an official sequel or remake, Astro Bot enthusiasts can look forward to exploring the game on September 6.

The debate surrounding Astro Bot’s pre-order bonus highlights the deep attachment and desire Bloodborne fans have for the series' continuation. Whether this costume is a precursor to more significant news or merely a gift from Sony remains to be seen. Meanwhile, the anticipation for both Astro Bot and potential Bloodborne developments continues to build.

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