Amazon's New World Rumored for Console Release

  • Anna Santiago
  • Jun 12, 2024
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Amazon's New World Rumored for Console Release

Recently, rumors have been swirling that Amazon's New World MMORPG might be making its way to console platforms. This speculation ignited after a PlayStation Store listing was spotted and then swiftly removed. New World, launched in 2021, initially created a considerable buzz in the PC gaming community. However, interest has waned over time. 

Despite the drop in player numbers, New World remains active. Amazon has diligently updated the game, releasing its fifth season alongside ongoing story content and seasonal events. These efforts indicate that the game still maintains a healthy player base. The recent introduction of controller optimization in its Season 5 update suggests preparations for a console debut might be underway. 

The excitement grew when a Redditor shared a screenshot of a PlayStation Store listing for a game titled New World Aeternum. Though not officially announced, the title and familiar armor in the cover art hint at a connection to the original game set on Aeternum Island. This has led to speculation about whether Aeternum is a console port or a new installment in the franchise.

Controller optimization could be seen as a strategic move to accommodate potential console players. While the notion of New World appearing on consoles hadn’t crossed many minds, it seems plausible now. The increasing prevalence of PC gamers using controllers justifies the adjustments made for a smoother gaming experience.

Aside from the New World, Amazon also plans to continue exploring the MMORPG market with Throne and Liberty. By doing so, Amazon aims to apply nearly three years of lessons from New World to its upcoming projects. If New World Aeternum is a new game, it could help the franchise achieve its initial promise. A move to PlayStation, a dominant platform for multiplayer gaming, could provide New World the resurgence it needs.

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